Processing detail


Why choose laser marking?

The process of laser marking industrial products has increased in the last few years.

The reasons for this trend are:


• High flexibility of the procedure.
• Easier operation thanks to continuous development of the software.
• The economic advantages of these marking systems.
• Contact-free processing – no tool wear.
• Minimum interference of the materials.
• Broad range of processable materials.
• No preparation or finishing required.
• Marking that offers high quality and is true to the original.
• Variable marking geometry.
• High flexibility.
• Application of very fine markings (up to 0.03 mm).
• High marking speed.
• Integration without any problems related to fully-automated production cycles.

Markings on industrial products are carried out for various reasons, including, for example:


• Identifying the specifications of the piece or appliance.
• Identification to guarantee product origin (product guarantee).
• Identification as protection against imitation (company logo).
• Marking to enhance colour and design.
• Marking grain and points for following production phases.

On an industrial level, marking must satisfy the following requisites:


• Long-lasting marking.
• Clearly visible writing.
• High flexibility of contents and shape.
• Marking that does not damage the material.
• Convenient costs.
• Possibility of “on-line integration”, for ex. directly transferring detected data onto the piece.